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Book Summary ** Our lives, after the diagnosis and subsequent treatment, of my husband for a brain tumor, clearly have taken a path less traveled. Yet our journey has and continues to be, a journey of hope, joy and of unyeilding commitment. We invite you into our lives, a view of our childhood, marriage, a marriage seperate from convention, yet strongly bound. Join us as we recall the last twenty-five years, twenty of which have been spent LIVING with a brain tumor. Come, witness our challenges and discover our triumphs as we reinvent our relationship, struggle to redefine marriage roles, communication styles, and reclaim intimacy after illness.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Race for Hope and Head to the Hill - DC 2012

We are back from one amazing trip to DC. I had some pretty special memorable moments I wanted to share.
Meeting fellow BCF admin's in person and giving them a hug of thanks for all they do Shannon, Christianne, Erica, Jennifer.
Walking with Ron to the starting line of the Race for Hope DC. Survivors wore yellow T-shirts and held yellow balloons. Seeing yellow made me cry tears of gratitude.
Reading the race tags of fellow walkers, many walking in memory of, how much love to do this, year after year.
Walking down the middle of Pennsylvania Ave with the Capital in the distance, being so grateful that Ron was able to keep up a great pace and had me racing to catch up at many points.
Standing on the steps of the capital for our group picture with fellow lobbyist for Head to the Hill.
Sharing our passion for funding to NIH and raising awareness for drug parity with those congress members, was affirming to the value of the Nationaly Brain Tumor Society.
Thanks to each of you for keeping my passion to share Hope.

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